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  • Map out the process. As soon as you know that you’re going to move, start making your plan. Keep lists of what you will need to accomplish and when – list it out in a timeline to keep yourself on track. There are plenty of templates available, such as this moving house checklist from checklistables – use one of these as your guide to create a custom list of your own.
  • If your move involves pets, make sure you have a plan for them as well! Talk to your vet about the best and safest way to transport them to your new home. While you’re there, ask for copies of their medical records if your move will require you to start seeing a new vet.
  • Buy more supplies than you think you’ll need. Otherwise you’re almost guaranteed to run out of boxes and tape at some point. You can never have enough boxes or tape.
  • If you’re packing for the move and for storage at the same time, be very careful to keep track of what goes where. Check out our packing tips for suggestions about packing for storage, and be especially meticulous about your list-making: the last thing you want is for your items bound for the storage unit and your items bound for your new home to get mixed up in the middle of the process.
Moving Guides

For guides that cover the entire moving process from start to finish, these are a few of the most thorough and well presented resources we’ve found.